Mlibizi is the western terminus for Lake Kariba ferry services. Msuna is a popular fishing and boating centre up the Zambezi River above Devil’s Gorge (where the river enters the Lake) The little fishing village and boating harbour of Mlibizi lies at the extreme western end of Lake Kariba and is the traditional terminus for the passenger and vehicle ferry service that plies Lake Kariba.  Link to Kariba from here on a 22-hour overnight journey via Kariba Ferries. The overnight ferry service which carries vehicles (but has roof space for only three high-roof 4x4s) is a popular way for visitors to traverse the lake to Kariba town from the Hwange/ Victoria Falls area – or vice versa.  The ferry runs weekly and sometimes more often during high season periods.  It’s advisable to check out their sailing schedule on their website well in advance, and early booking is essential.