A huge stream of water, which roars down from a height, is a mesmerizing sight. There are many beautiful waterfalls on our planet that delight people.

For a person, seeing this is not only beneficial as a reassurance. When water falls from a great height, the air is saturated with a special ionized dust. It is a pleasure to breathe it.

Victoria Falls is one of the most famous and breathtaking in the world. It has an unusual shape. Having seen such a wonder of the world at least once, a person cannot recover from its beauty and splendor.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 10 interesting facts about Victoria Falls.

10. First name “Thundering Smoke”

Top 10 interesting facts about Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a well-known attraction in South Africa. It has long been attracting tourists and travelers.

Hunters from the Batoka tribes called this waterfall “Thundering Smoke” or Mosi-oa-Tunya. It got this name for the reason that its roar is still heard very far away.

Between the narrow gorge, the waters boil, seethe, and also foam with a wild roar. When water flies down from a great height, it turns into steam, and then is thrown back out in a column of smoke. This can be seen from several tens of kilometers away. And already at such a distance, you can perfectly hear its amazing hum.

9. Located on the border of two African countries

Top 10 interesting facts about Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls never goes unnoticed by tourists. Many people call it “magic”. But not everyone knows that he is at the junction of two African countries. The borders of Zambia and Zibabwe pass here. You can see Victoria in all its glory almost at any time. But it should be noted that the strength of the flow is always different. It depends on the time of year.

When the rainy season begins (approximately from April to December), the air temperature here is no more than + 20. But with the onset of winter, there is practically no precipitation. The waters in the Zambezi rise during the springtime. So you can see a rushing, fast flow. As soon as the drought begins, the waterfall can be seen in a calm, slow current.

8. David Livingston was the first European to discover the waterfall

Top 10 interesting facts about Victoria Falls

A man named David Livingston is a Scottish missionary who has studied Africa all his life. He became famous after covering many blank spots on the map of these incredible places.

David has always enjoyed great love and respect among the locals. In 1841, he first appeared in Africa. He traveled a lot, visited various places.

One day, in 1853, together with a tribe of aborigines, he went along the Zambezi River. The search for new lands, which passed to the Atlantic coast, was carried out on thirty-three boats.

In 1855, David, together with his detachment, decided to look for a better road so that it would pass more conveniently to the ocean, directly to the east. The journey began to advance with the help of the makololo leader Sekeletu. It was he who helped the expedition with donkeys, provisions and much more.

One day, David and his assistants landed on the bank of the river. This place was next to a huge waterfall. He interested them so much with his beauty and power that David immediately named him after Queen Victoria.

The expedition was able to get closer to him and see his entire system. David himself later wrote in his notes that the waterfall that he saw was the brightest sight for him.

7. Divided into four parts by islands

Top 10 interesting facts about Victoria Falls
The waterfall is divided into 4 parts by islets. On the right bank you can see a slightly inclined stream 35 m wide. Behind the island called Boaruka is the main width – 460 meters or more.

On the left side of the bank is the eastern waterfall. And the only way out where all the water flows is – there is the western end. It is a very narrow channel with a very small width, about 30 m.

6. The river from the waterfall flows into the “Boiling Cauldron”

Top 10 interesting facts about Victoria Falls
Almost every person who has visited Victoria Falls knows what the Boiling Cauldron is. The boiling cauldron is a special, amazing masterpiece that nature has presented to us. It was formed as a result of the rivers of the waterfall. Along the gorge, streams of water come out to a large reservoir, which has a size of almost 1500 m.

During a drought, tourists can observe this place very nice and calm. But when it rains, the entire surface is covered with foam and waves. They can scare a person very much. The pond, which boils and foams, gives this place a mystery and mystery.

5. It is impossible to hear the interlocutor near the waterfall – the roar of the water drowns out all sounds

Top 10 interesting facts about Victoria Falls
Surprisingly, if you are very close to the waterfall, then the voice of the interlocutor is impossible to hear, even if he screams.

But in fact, a person will not say anything, because being next to such a wonder of the world, he experiences the deepest experiences. For a long time, she simply cannot share them.

4. Day and night rainbows can be seen

Top 10 interesting facts about Victoria Falls
Oddly enough, you can see a rainbow not only during the day, but also at night. You can contemplate this amazing sight thanks to the light of the moon.

It is worth noting that this is very rare. But it has long been of interest to many people. In moonlight, rainbows appear more white than colored during the day. But in fact, it also has colors. The moon gives off a very dim light, and this is too little for the photoreceptors of the human eye to be able to see colors. Moreover, it is much paler than usual.

The night rainbow can only be seen in a dark sky and at the same time when the moon is very high. Such a rainbow can be seen at Victoria Falls. But only a few succeeded.

3. At the very edge of the waterfall there is a natural pool “Devil’s Font”

Top 10 interesting facts about Victoria Falls
At the edge of Victoria Falls there is a place that has long been called the Devil’s Pool. It is separated from the main part of everything by a narrow lintel, but at the same time people are not afraid to swim in it.

It should be noted that these are very risky procedures. You can swim in such a “Devil’s Font” only at one time. It starts in October and ends in December. This period of time is marked by the smallest flow of water.

2. In the rainy season, more than 500 million liters of water per minute pass through the waterfall.

Top 10 interesting facts about Victoria Falls
During heavy rains, about five hundred million liters of water flows through the waterfall in one minute. Because of this tremendous force, the spray can rise very high, several hundred meters.

It is worth noting that once in the Zambezi the most record flow was noted – 770 million liters of water per minute and even more.

1. Included in the list of 7 natural wonders of the world

Top 10 interesting facts about Victoria Falls
Over the years and centuries, people have tried to compile a list that would include the most different wonders of the world. In 1997, a well-known broadcaster called CNN decided to offer its own small list. Victoria Falls appeared on one of these lines. Its width reaches 1800 meters and its height is about 120.

Currently, the waterfall is considered a UNESCO heritage. The amazing thing is that it can create fog that is visible at a distance.

Also on the list of the seven wonders of the world was the Grand Canyon in Arizona, a large barrier reef in the northeast coast of Australia, the well-known harbor of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Each of these places is amazing in its own way. Once, having visited, I want to come back again and again.