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The history of Victoria Waterfall

“Victoria” is among the prominent attractions of Africa and is among the most extraordinary waterfalls worldwide. It is made by the Zambezi River, rapidly descending into a small groove 100 meters in width. Furthermore, Victoria is the unique waterfall worldwide, over one kilometer in length and over one hundred meters in height.

Its sound is felt at a range of 40 kilometers, and spray and mist from the dropping water, climbing to a depth of over 400 meters, are visible from a range of 50 km. Moreover, even rainbows create a new record here – “lunar”: the product of light beams breaking from the luna.

The history of Victoria Waterfall

The waterfall was opened by an Englishman and teacher David Livingstone in 1855, who gave it the title in memory of Queen of Great Britain. Natives of Africa referred to this miracle of nature “Mosio-ao-tunya” (” Trembling Water “) and were scared to come any closer to it. Brave Livingstone was generally the first European to travel through the black continent. His mission to deliver Christianity to Africa was followed by 300 warriors from one of the tribes, but it was only two of them who dared to come close to the waterfall itself.

Yet the investigator was completely insatisfied with his findings. For Livingstone, this barrier to water was nothing but an impediment that kept Christians from getting to the country’s inland.

Waterfall Victoria nearly never attended for a long time, until 1905, when the railway was passing here. Now it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the residents of Zambia and Zimbabwe, no longer scared of the “Grey Water”, are happily expanding travel industry on both banks of the stream.

The history of Victoria Waterfall

It is interesting to note that in the dry period, which runs in autumn, the water quality in the Zambezi River falls dramatically, and you can walk through most of the waterfall, leaping between creeks flowing down. The remainder of the journey, however, Victoria is a roar-like joint that amazes the mind with its strength.

One of the interesting places of interest of Victoria, not popular with the public – is a swimming pool about ten meters in width, situated on a rock not far from Livingston Island. It is divided from the deep gulf only by a thin partition. It is no wonder that this place was nicknamed Devil’s Pool.

The history of Victoria Waterfall

Once entered the swimming pool’s waters, a floater senses how the tons of turbulent water are pouring down not far away. This pool does not work during the high water, as the flow can carry swimmers into the chasm, and tours to it start later in the fall.

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