Meru National Park is a forest reserve located 350km from Nairobi, east of Meru town. It is one of Kenya’s lesser known parks, covering an area of 87 044 hectares. Meru is part of a complex of protected areas along the Tana River that includes the Bisanadi and Mwingi National Reserves, Kora National Park and Rahole National Reserve. The wetter northwestern sector is hilly with rich volcanic soils. Towards the east, the land flattens and the soil appears grey and volcanic. As well as the many streams that cross Meru National Park, the park is bound by three large rivers: Rojeweru River to the East, Ura River to the south-west and the Tana River to the south. Kenya’s location on the equator gives it a tropical climate and a lot of summer rainfall, which encourages the growth of vegetation. The story of Elsa the Lioness is undoubtedly the main attraction to Meru National Park. Conservationist couple Joy and George Adamson raised a lion cub, Elsa, and eventually released her back into the wild; a story that inspired the book and film, Born Free. Meru has an 84 sq km rhino sanctuary that is home to a number of both white and black rhino. It is open to visitors and is particularly close to Elsa’s Kopje Camp. Other attractions in the park include the beautiful landscape. Mt Kenya is clearly visible from the park.