Laikipia District is a vast 8000 sq km plateau, one of 71 districts of Kenya located on the Equator. It stretches from the Great Rift Valley to the magnificent escarpments which descend into the Northern Frontier District. Laikipia National Park, North West of Mount Kenya has all the wildlife but none of the crowds found in the Masai Mara. Some of the country’s very best eco-lodges are located on this rolling plateau of Savannah, seasonal streams, and bush. The Laikipia plains are covered by open grasslands, basalt hills, lonely kopjes and dense cedar forests fed by the Ewaso Nyiro and Ewaso Narok rivers. This spectacular region is often considered the gateway to Kenya’s wild Northern Frontier country. The Laikipia District is regarded as one of Africa’s most remarkable conservation success stories. Once an area with a high density of fenced cattle ranches and farms, it has been transformed, in co-operation with the owners into an area of beautiful wilderness. Here, protected game roams freely and safely. Since the fences of the old cattle stations were removed, Laikipia’s unique eco-system, large wildlife population, and endangered species attracted the formation of some of the best luxury lodges in Kenya. Laikipia has established itself into a very wild but exclusive safari destination. Roads are few and far between, and public transport is limited, but guests get to traverse the area on foot, horse or camel, offering an original take on a safari. Laikipia has become a focus for many conservation efforts, and some ranches have become breeding sanctuaries for endangered species.