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Activities at Victoria Falls: prices and experinence

First, the inspection of waterfalls on the Zimbabwean side is almost two kilometers back and forth. Paths along the precipice are laid, there are no fences. Along the paths, many baboon monkeys drown. At times, a tropical downpour pours down the cliff – the wind brings down water dust from the waterfall.

Activities at Victoria Falls: prices and experinence

The waterfall on the Zimbabwean side is longer and sometimes more grandiose. But there are no abyssal barriers in many places, and therefore you need to be careful on paths and grass that are wet from water dust.


Activities at Victoria Falls: prices and experinence

Jumping is not for the faint of heart. People come here in search of real extreme, and there are even international competitions in banja jumping.

To understand how scary it is to jump on an “elastic band” head down from such a height is possible only standing on the edge of the bridge. You also have to pay for it. The cost of the jump is $90. In tandem – 130.

The main thing is not to look down and try to push away. You have to place your hands as wide as possible and imagine that you are a bird. And do not close your eyes for fear when you fly.

Then two guys hold your hands and count: five, four, three, two, one. И … gently push you in the back, if you hesitate …

The fall (flight?) lasts about 6 seconds, and then the elastic rope starts to flip and twist in different directions. Everything is like in a kaleidoscope: a waterfall, a river, rocks on the shore, left bank, right bank, bridge, mountains, waterfall… Finally, the rope calms down, the lifeguard comes down, helps to turn over to the normal position and pulls you up to the stairs.

Those who jumped once from the bridge – received an additional bonus in the form of free jump early in the morning. Of course, no one refused.

Flying over a waterfall

Activities at Victoria Falls: prices and experinence

Then – quickly by cab and to the airport – make a 15-minute flight over the waterfall ($90). The helicopter can accommodate 4 people. The windows are open and it is very convenient to take photos or videos. The helicopter rises from a small platform and in a minute approaches the waterfall.


The sight is fantastic – no matter where you throw your eyes – the plain to the horizon and smoothly flowing Zambezi. And suddenly there is a giant rift in the earth’s crust, into which the spilled river water falls. From the air you can see the old faults in the Earth’s crust and the old waterfall beds, which were hundreds of thousands of years ago. The waterfall gradually washes the soil, a new channel is formed and thus it “moves” up the river.


Activities at Victoria Falls: prices and experinence

Canoe ride in the upper river (half-day $75). Beautiful and a little extreme – you can come across hippos and crocodiles.


Activities at Victoria Falls: prices and experinence

Rafting ($110/person) is one of the most thrilling and unforgettable experiences in Africa. To start, you have to go back to Zambia. After crossing the border for 10 bucks, get on a special truck and go to the starting point. There will be waiting for other participants of this extreme event. You will be given special equipment – paddle, inflatable vest and helmet.

The insurance system is very well thought out. Rescuers on small kayaks will accompany the rafts, being in the front and back.

The rescuers carefully follow each fallen or washed off the raft and immediately take it to a tow. It is practically impossible to sink. The water is deep and warm. The current is strong and pleasant: if washed off the raft – you need to relax and swim with the current and either approach the shore or wait for one of the rescuers to sail on his kayak and tow you back to the raft.

First, you will be instructed and trained – how to row with oars, how to behave when turning over the raft and how to climb it.

Activities at Victoria Falls: prices and experinence

You will have to pass 18 thresholds of 4-5 categories of difficulty.
Especially was a virtuoso cameraman, who has time to shoot everything that happens during the journey – and delight, and flips, and thresholds, and rescue of drowning.

At the end of rafting – a super surprise – an elevator to climb the plateau. Five minutes and you are upstairs. Here you will be waiting for lunch and a car to the campsite.

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